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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions are listed below.

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    How will I make more money by having affiliate partner advertising added to my website?
      When your website links to affiliate partners such as Google Adsense, Amazon, Commission Junction banner ads, among others, there is an affiliate tracking system integrated within the banner's HTML code which tracks all the clicks and sales generated from your website. When customers visit your website and click on these advertisements or make a purchase through your advertising banners, then you will make money. The Affiliate Partners deliver services or products to the customers and then they pay you a generous commission for sending the business their way!

    What happens after I decide to hire you to integrate affiliate advertising on my website?

      Our website design team will ask you for your hosting c-panel or FTP access to your website files. Then we will find the most suitable affiliate programs to match the content niche of your website. Our creative team will find banner or text links that fits in nicely with your existing page layout, choosing colours and design elements that look great with your existing website's color scheme.

      We will send you an email so that you can register with the best online affiliate programs that are best suited for your website. That email will contain necessary information to get you started right away. You will be given detailed information about each affiliate partner that you will need to register with. It is easy and free and consists of filling out a few online forms. After you complete this step, then our website development team will begin editing your website with your affiliate information that was generated when you registered with them. The total time that it takes our team to integrate your website's affiliate advertising is anywhere from 2 days to 7 days, depending on the number of pages that we will need to edit for your website.

    How can I be sure that I am being paid the commissions from the advertisers?
      ABC Design Studio integrates an affiliate tracking system into your website for you, which tracks all clicks and sales generated from your website. You can view your visitor purchases, clicks, and revenue earnings, by simply logging into each one of your affiliate accounts (which we help you create at the time of your purchase). Each one of the affiliate partners provides you with your own account so that you can view real-time details about your website's sales and revenue earnings.

    Do you offer my money back if I don't like the advertisements you place on my website?
      No, we cannot offer a money back guarantee for service work that is already rendered. However, we work with you closely to make sure that you are happy with the placement and types of banner advertisers that we place onto your website. If you do not like a particular banner, we can easily switch it to something else. If you want them all removed after the work has been done, then we will remove your banners advertisements at any time. We stand behind the quality and functionality of the work we do 100%, but refunds will not be given for service work that is already rendered.

    Is there any cost to having an affiliate partnership with these advertisers?
      No. Becoming an affiliate partner is completely FREE. They will pay you revenue for your sales. There are no registration fees or costs at all for you to become registered with the affiliate partners that we will link onto your website.

    What if something happens to the advertising links on my website?
      If anything ever happens to the advertising banners or text links that we place on your website, just let us know and we will replace those ads with new ads FREE of charge for the life of your website. So if any of your links become broken or if an advertiser no longer offers their products or services, just let us know and we will fix the link for you free of charge.